Area no Kishi

Author: igano hiroaki

Status: Ongoing    RSS

Genre: Comedy , School Life , Shounen , Sports ,

Update: Oct 14, 2018

Area no Kishi

Next update: about Oct 21, 2018


Plot: Believing himself to be useless at football, Aizawa Kakeru opts to become the manager of his school's football team, while his brother Suguru is its ace, and is even good enough to represent Japan. However, Kakeru may be harbouring a strong talent within himself that only Suguru can see, and the two often get into arguments over Kakeru's denial of his skills. Things are made more complicated with the return of Nana, an old playmate of theirs, that likes Suguru and that Kakeru has a crush on.


Area no Kishi Vol.20 Ch.166 : Ache Oct 14, 2018
Area no Kishi Vol.20 Ch.165 : In the toilet Sep 13, 2018
Area no Kishi Vol.19 Ch.164 : Dangerous locker room Aug 25, 2018
Area no Kishi Vol.20 Ch.163 : That Time, Big Brother Aug 19, 2018
Area no Kishi Vol.20 Ch.162 : The Victor is Decided Nov 17, 2017
Area no Kishi Vol.19 Ch.161 : Vol 19 Penalty Shoot-out Oct 17, 2017
Area no Kishi Vol.20 Ch.160 : After the Fight to the Death Sep 25, 2017
Area no Kishi Vol.19 Ch.159 : Evolution Jun 23, 2017
Area no Kishi Vol.19 Ch.158 : Clever Tactic Jun 9, 2017
Area no Kishi Vol.19 Ch.157 : Evenly Matched Jun 1, 2017

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