Happy Honey Life

Author: Kajimoto Jun

Status: Ongoing    RSS

Genre: Yaoi ,

Update: Jul 22, 2016

Happy Honey Life

Next update: about Jul 29, 2016


1) Happy Honey Life
Coffee shop owner Hiro has always had a soft spot for his father's former assistant Morio Takamichi, though as he's gotten older it's grown into a full blown crush. And though Morio is an openly gay playboy his only interest in coming to the coffee shop seems to be for Hiro's sweet foods.

2) Eternal Embrace
Bookworm Tomoya Kuga accepted the job in the library reluctantly, but since then he's fallen in love with Literature Professor Mikumo. When troubled sex friend Makoto assaults him in the library late one night, Tomoya doesn't realize that the professor sees them. But the next day the professor sends Tomoya away...

3) Tenohira no Kokoro
High school student Kiba Sakae has been dating his sempai Anno Haruomi for a year, they haven't even kissed! With the stoic faced Anno graduating soon, Sakae is determined to create an opportunity. A romantic weekend away will help them connect physically, right?

4) Domestic Cat Blues
Former playboy Keisuke Sanada has fallen in love with his housemate Shunji Mizunumi, though Shunji is wary of Keisuke womanizing past and doesn't trust him. While Keisuke is trying to gently woo his reluctant lover, a woman from Keisuke's past appears! Will it be too much for their fragile relationship to handle?


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