Author: Noda Satoru

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Genre: Seinen , Sports ,

Update: Dec 23, 2018


Next update: about Dec 30, 2018


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Shirakawa Ro has to move to a relative’s town in the country side with his twin sister Haruna when their mother suddenly dies in a car accident. Left as orphans at the age of 15, the two have to deal not only with their only parent but an entire new environment. Ro was supposed to succeed his mom’s dream of winning a medal in the Olympics but with her dying the day before the big event, Ro breaks down and misses his only chance to reach his dream. Now stuck in the small town of Tomakomai, Ro finds a new passion in ice hockey and regains his focus in life. [vyc]


Supinamarada! Vol.3 Ch.25 : The Ridge Dec 23, 2018
Supinamarada! Vol.3 Ch.24 : One on One Sep 23, 2018
Supinamarada! Vol.3 Ch.23 : The five colored jerseys Sep 21, 2018
Supinamarada! Vol.3 Ch.22 : With the stars Sep 18, 2018
Supinamarada! Vol.3 Ch.21 : The Demon Bokko Sep 13, 2018
Supinamarada! Vol.3 Ch.0 Sep 12, 2018
Supinamarada! Vol.2 Ch.20.5 : Omake Sep 3, 2018
Supinamarada! Vol.2 Ch.20 : Old lady's water and The Shannou Shrine Sep 7, 2018
Supinamarada! Vol.2 Ch.19 : Rushing forward Sep 6, 2018
Supinamarada! Vol.2 Ch.18 : The Legend of Yukustu Sep 3, 2018

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